ARBITRAGE EA free forex robot download


ARBITRAGE EA free forex robot download  *Only Demo Version

This is 100% Free Demo forex robot ! Old version. Support not possible! Please read " Terms of use" ! 

LMAX MT4 - To get started, download your MT4 application here

(use: Arbitrage-server.ex4)

ICMarkets -MT4 download: Here (use: Arbitrage-ea.ex4)

Demo version

Forex arbitrage is a low-risk trading strategy that allows traders to make a profit with no open currency exposure. It involves acting fast on opportunities presented by pricing inefficiencies between different Metatrader brokers. These inefficiencies can be caused by liquidity providers or network issues on the broker's side. When there is a price difference between brokers big enough to cover both spreads and then some, opposite trades are opened until both price quotes match again.