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With the FX pairs, usually EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJYP, etc., there is a specific control of spreads to ensure the benefit in the quick operations.

Of course all fast trading systems are sensitive to the broker. It is not the same to operate in accounts with low spreads and quick executions, to work in accounts with high spreads and slow executions. Usually most of the brokers retails have bad conditions or hidden commissions (slippages). The client can choose who to work with, but evidently the results are conditioned to good brokerage conditions.

​Bitcoin PRO System:

​​This Bitcoin EA Scalper pro works automatically, 24/7 in the MT4 terminal. The system has a spread and execution control, since in BTCUSD there are normally spreads that do not correspond to the market. It only operates at the Bitcoin crossing with the USD. The system requires a previous revision of your operator in Cryptocurrency, in these there are usually discrepancies in the final Fee. Each user can choose the operator he wants to use.

Bitcoin Scalper EA Free forex robot download

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